Hear the music swirling around you.

Pinzee reaches out into cyberspace to listen to the beeps, bops and squalks coming from your neighborhood. Then it finds the best music and prepares a list of samples for you to enjoy. Listen to the placegeist.™



You don't need to stick with your current location. You can pretend to be anywhere in the world.


  • What is Pinzee? -- A way to explore the people around you by tapping into the breadcrumbs they leave behind. We call it the Placegeist ™
  • No. Really. -- Okay. You start it up and tell it your location. Then it picks some music for you based upon what it can find out about your location.
  • Is the music chosen for me? -- No. It's chosen for a location and we're assuming that if you're in a neighborhood, you'll probably be interested in a custom tailored music feed.
  • Is it random? -- No, but sometimes it seems that way. But we guarantee that we chose the music because of some people in your neighborhood. One user in NYC noticed that there were a number of spanish songs near where he was in Times Square. He thought that was odd, but we knew the algorithm was working with real-time data, not stereotypes or assumptions.
  • So it's like radio? -- Yes, but radio is usually focused on a city. We want to focus on the neighborhood around you, an area that may be as small as a few blocks wide.
  • Is it just music? -- We're looking at books too.
  • How do you make your money? -- If you like something and buy it, we get a cut. It's free to browse.
  • Do you have to choose a spot? -- If you're on an iPhone, it will work with your current location. When you're on a desktop, it tries to guess your location and it may or may not be right.
  • Is it only one spot? -- After several people asked, we opened up a secret debugging layer that lets you choose your location. Click on the MAP tab, type in an address, put the marker down in the right location and press the button to load music (or books). So try several spots. Maybe you'll like the music somewhere else better.
  • Can we write? --- Absolutely. Tell us what works and what sucks and what's in between. info (at) Pinzee (dot) com. Enjoy